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How to Use the LeEject Dental Safety System

The LeEject needle is inserted into the side of the specially designed LeEject syringe and is pushed forward and secured by the anesthetic cartridge. After injection and removal of the anesthetic cartridge, you simply tilt and rotate the syringe over your sharps container and the needle is discarded without ever having to touch it.

Watch the Training Video before you start.

Loading Instructions
While the plunger is pulled, place the anesthetic cartridge into the syringe barrel.
Remove the shorter cap.
While the plunger is pulled and the syringe is pointed upward, place the needle into cone receptacle of the syringe carefully so that the short needle pierces the center of the diaphragm of the cartridge.
Remove the long protective cap prior to injection.
Removing the Cartridge
Disengage the harpoon from the cartridge by pulling the thumb ring. Push the cartridge out through the small window underneath. While keeping the syringe flat, pick up the cartridge with thumb and index finger.
Inserting Second Cartridge
Remove the anesthetic cartridge. While pointing the syringe upward and pulling on the plunger, place the new anesthetic cartridge into the syringe barrel carefully so that the shorter needle pierces the center of the diaphragm of the cartridge.
Warning: Self aspiration should not be used with local anesthetics containing epinephrine or other vasoconstrictors, or used on children under the age of 12 and weighing less than
100 lbs (45 kg).
Disposal of Needle
Remove the anesthetic cartridge. Position the syringe above a sharps container.
Then tilt the syringe upward and rotate the syringe 180 degrees so that the needle falls off the syringe directly into the sharps container.
If the needle falls off and not into the sharps container, use college pliers or hemostat to hold and place the needle into the sharps container. The sharps container should be readily available and located in plain sight where inadvertently dropped needles can be visualized and disposed of immediately.